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Hi! My name is Danielle Pellizzeri, and I have a vision to inspire young people to realize their dreams. And I need your help.


When I was 13 years old, I asked my parents for a ukulele for Christmas. Getting that ukulele was the start of personal discovery for me. I taught myself to play and began singing for school talent shows, weddings, and for anyone that wanted to listen and sing along. Singing and playing the ukulele had become my thing, something I loved doing. It helped me to feel good about myself, and to connect with all kinds of people.

Then about two years ago, I began facing some pretty significant challenges with my health, and I felt emotionally debilitated by them. I give all credit to God for getting me through those rough times, when I wanted to just give up. I've been so blessed to have amazing people in my life who rallied around me to encourage and support me.

They gave me hope and the faith to believe that what I was going through was a part of God's plan to help me become who he needs me to be. That's when the idea of UkeCANdoit was born.

Through UkeCANdoit, I want to inspire young people to overcome their challenges, find their passions, recognize their gifts and talents, realize how special they are, and that with the help of others, they too can make a difference with their lives.

...REACH IN to find your talents and dreams,



• Raise funds to cover travel expenses and program costs.
• Volunteer my time over the summer months while going to college.
• Partner with reputable non-profit organizations that serve children in the U.S. and abroad
• Donate ukuleles to various project sites.
• Provide basic ukulele instruction.
• Provide mentoring and give inspirational/motivational talks.


Please make a donation today through my website:


Or mail a check payable to:

Danielle Pellizzeri
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Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274

While you're at the website, also check out my music video feature my new original song, "Reach."

Thank you so much for your generous support!


Danielle Pellizzeri


...REACH OUT to find those that will help you make your dreams a reality!